Hopkinton Little League



Summer Team Selection Process

All team coaches (head and assistants) are asked to complete a detailed evaluation of each player where they rate a player's hitting, fielding, and pitching skills, in addition to their overall game knowledge.  All evaluations are treated equally and an assistant coach rating is given the same weighting as a head coach.  Finally, all of the coaches are asked to "force rank" all of the players on the team given what they have seen in both games and at practices.

All evaluations are then confidentially submitted to the League Information Officer who compiles all of the data and generates a consolidated report for each of the leagues.  This report contains a consolidated average score for each of the players as well as their pitching and hitting statistics that were provided by the head coach.

All league head coaches then meet to discuss all of the players in the league.  The coaches are provided with the consolidated rankings and statistics for every player in the league.  Each coach is also asked to verbally discuss each player (in confidence) on their own team and the other coaches are asked to provide verbal input based on what they have seen as an opposing coach during games.  At the conclusion of the discussion, all league head coaches individually and confidentially "force rank" all of the kids in the league for each age group.

These rankings are then submitted to the League Information Officer who consolidates all of the rankings and produces a "forced rank" list that the League uses to contact players in the order that they were ranked within their age group by the league's head coaches.  (Note: As the information is consolidated, the head coach ranking for a player on his/her team is not included in order to further ensure that there is no bias.)

Note:  a child will not be considered for a summer team if they have not played in at least 80% of the regular season games and scrimmages.